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The Super Collies

The Original Super Collie is Hero, Hero is a 10 year old Golden Retriever x Border Collie who knows 600 tricks and has been featured in coutntless publications and commercials.


Aside from talented Hero who is now 10 years old, Sara's other dogs include two Border Collies, Marvel & Hawkeye, a field Golden named Archer and Goose a 3 year old Tabby cat who thinks he is a dog too!


Marvel is a 6 year old chocolate Border Collie x Australian Shepherd who, according to Sara, is a total diva! Marvel enjoys chasing down frisbees and hunting for rats!


Hawkeye is a 2 year old Border Collie from EC's Border Collies in Southern California whose favourite thing is to give people hugs. Like Marvel, Hawkeye loves frisbees and also performing Canine Freestyle with his mum.


Archer is a 6 month old field Golden from Gritz, Grace & Golden in Central California and is still learning the ropes but has already appeared in his first TV show!


Left to right: Hero, Marvel, Hawkeye, Archer

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The Super Collies On The Cover Of Fetched Magazine

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