"Border Collie Frankie", dancing insta-pooch, trick dog and canine model.

By Ashley Michael

In our digitally-focused world social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular. It often seems as though our lives are surrounded by hashtags, follower counts and "likes". One of the most popular social media platforms is Instagram and it's not just humans who are becoming Insta-famous! There are many dogs that are "rising giants" in "the world of "Insta" with some known for their cute looks while others are known for their amazing talents!

Border Collie Frankie is a rising social media star who has already accumulated over 21K followers across all his social media platforms, at only 2 years of age!

Frankie is a charismatic black and white Border Collie from the Sunshine Coast here in Aussie who is known for his groovy dancing and cute photos.

Many of the posts on Frankie's Instagram account are videos of him dancing to some popular songs and photos that follow his daily life.

Frankie knows hundreds of dog tricks and aside from doggy dancing, Frankie is savvy in Dog Agility, Canine Disc (Frisbee) and a fun dog sport called Dock Diving (which is pretty much doggy long jump into water). He also does a lot of product modelling and his owner Charlotte says he definitely has a star quality. She also says "Everyone loves Frankie - we're yet to find someone who doesn't.

Speaking of stars, Frankie has also starred in his own children's book called Frankie's Alphabet Day which helps children learn their ABCs. Follow Frankie on Instagram @BorderCollieFrankie and TikTok @FrankieTheDancingDog.

Hi Friends!

My name is Frankie! You may have read about me in this issue's Celebrity Spotlight section, or you may already know me from Instagram.

Hello Frankie!? is my new column in Fetched Magazine (written by my hooman of course haha - what a talent I would be if I could write it myself!) Anyway, each issue of Fetched Magazine will have a Hello Frankie!? section so you can keep up-to-date with what's been happening with me since the last issue!

To give you a quick summary of my life so far:

I was born on March 27th 2019 (only 19 days after my hooman's birthday!) along with my 5 other brothers and sisters. I was picked up when I was 8 weeks old and my breeder said I was "pick of the litter" and I couldn't agree more! When I was younger I had a white stripe on my forehead in the shape of a lightning bolt and so I was almost called "Harry" - but my hooman had her heart set on "Frankie" and so that became my name. As it turns out it was luckily that she didn't name me "Harry" after my lightning bolt because as I got older my special marking disappeared! So all I have now is a white stripe that is slightly not centred haha!

Many people think I was named "Frankie" because it's a popular dog name at the moment but the real reason behind my name is that Frankie is the name of one of my hooman's favourite singers of all time, Frankie Valli! There's a fun fact about me!

Now moving on... I love to do dog tricks! My hooman and I have been working on tricks since I was 8 weeks old. In fact, p.22 I already knew 50 tricks by the time I was 4 months old! I was also reliable off leash at that point, though that reliability was put to the test when other people were giving their own dog treats haha! Currently, I know lots and lots and lots of dog tricks, around 200 and counting! But my hooman kind of lost track!

I also lovvvvve the water! I used to hate it you know - in fact I used to be soo terrified of it that my hooman thought I'd die of fright! But I didn't! And after one whole year of hard work, my hooman showed me that water was soooo much fun! Nowadays, you can't keep me out of the water! Especially fun when my hooman throws my toy in!

As I've gotten older, my hooman has seen that I'm a natural model - and not just because I'm good looking! I'm a bit of a quieter Border Collie - I am not high energy like my other Border Collie friends - which means that I sit still and am easy to photograph! I do a bit of doggy modelling here and there but will hopefully do some more!

I've also started doing some small trick performances, nothing fancy mind you. If you come down to the Buddina off leash dog park on a Saturday, you may see one of my little trick shows. If you do pop down, be sure to say hi! I'd love to meet you!

Well that's all for now!

I'll tell you more in the next issue!


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