Border Collie Frankie

Border Collie Frankie is a rising social media star who has already accumulated over 21K followers across all his social media platforms, at only 2 years of age!  

Frankie is a charismatic black and white Border Collie from the Sunshine Coast here in Aussie who is known for his groovy dancing and cute photos.

Many of the posts on Frankie's Instagram account are videos of him dancing to some popular songs and photos that follow his daily life.

Frankie knows hundreds of dog tricks and aside from doggy dancing, Frankie is savvy in Dog Agility, Canine Disc (Frisbee) and a fun dog sport called Dock Diving (which is pretty much doggy long jump into water). He also does a lot of product modelling and his owner Charlotte says he definitely has a star quality. She also says "Everyone loves Frankie - we're yet to find someone who doesn't.

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Speaking of stars, Frankie has also starred in his own children's book called Frankie's Alphabet Day which helps children learn their ABCs. Follow Frankie on Instagram @BorderCollieFrankie and TikTok @FrankieTheDancingDog.

Frankie On The Cover Of Fetched Magazine

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