Amber Karstens & The Dancing Collies

If you regularly keep up to date with the latest acts on the “Got Talent” stage then you may have come across The Dancing Collies on Holland’s Got Talent! Amber Karstens is a 25-year-old dog trainer who appeared on HGT with her two working Border Collies Ruby & Nymeria, 4 years old and 1 year old respectively. With catchy tunes such as Greased Lightning, Amber and her collies were a crowd favourite and ended up placing THIRD on Season 11 on HGT last year.


When we asked Amber what her goals were, she replied with “My goal in life is to inspire people all around the world to enjoy training their dogs and having fun with them” – she also added “We love giving workshops and travelling around the make people smile.” We can certainly see Amber having fun with her dogs on her Instagram @TheDancingCollies on which she posts pictures and videos of her and her amazing dogs.

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Amber first started training dogs when she was 10 years old. She has always loved animals and soon started training other people’s dogs. At age 15, Amber trained her first border collie and immediately “got addicted to the breed”. She instantly knew that she wanted to make a living out of dog training and inspire people to do more with their dogs at home.


When Amber was 20, her stepdad passed away and she didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning – she didn’t want to do anything. But then she got Ruby, who changed her life forever. Suddenly, Amber did have a reason to get out of bed in the morning; she needed to train Ruby. Then in 2018, when Ruby was a couple of years old, Amber won an online competition by The Canine Stars  and left her home to perform all around the USA.


In the future, Amber and The Dancing Collies are lined up to perform in a circus for three weeks, which has always been her dream. She has also applied for more talent shows and just wants to have fun with her pups!


When we asked if two dogs was her limit, she said “I want a third dog! Hopefully the end of this year! 3 is my limit for a while!”.


Ensure you follow Amber & her Dancing Collies on Instagram, @TheDancingCollies.

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Amber & Her Colliescan be found on Instagram & Facebook with the username @TheCharlotteBryan.​



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