About Fetched Magazine

Fetched Magazine was founded in late 2020 by Dog Behaviourist Charlotte Bryan wiht the hopes of publishing a quality resource for dog owners on a quarterly basis.

At Fetched Magazine, we aim to provide a quality, informative and helpful online publication for dog lovers and we welcome your contribution.

As the publication is quarterly (every three months) we ask that you please send through your article at the end of the month prior. We will be releasing a new issue of Fetched Magazine at the End of February, May, August and November each year.

Why An Online Magazine?

Fetched Magazine is wholly an online magazine for several reasons:

  1. The entire world is moving digital and unfortunately print media is getting left behind. 

  2. We can reach more people online than in print - so our published articles get more exposure.

  3. Printing does not allow us to accurately track our readership statistics but online does.

  4. We are saving trees and reducing our carbon footprint.

As a result of these reasons, our magazine is laid out in an easy-to-view format so our readers can easily read each article in our magazine viewer. If you have been featured in our magazine, feel free to print out a copy at home for yourself! Our articles have a high dpi so they can be nicely printed out.

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